Colaborating with BELGORAIL

During March, the AUDICONFER audit team has collaborated with BELGORAI, an entity dedicated to certification of the railway sector in the implementation of internal audit of VTG Rail Spain SL, according to REGULATION (EU) No 445/2011 of the European Commission and the Procedure DGF-PG-ECM01 from the Development Ministry, regulations on the requirements of the Maintenance Management System that a company and / or workshop must implement in order to be certified as entity responsible for maintenance of freight wagons.


Maintenance Audits must be performed in accordance with the regulations, by a team compound of:

  • auditors of management systems and

  • wagon maintenance experts.

Audiconfer has experienced auditors of management systems Systems Maintenance Management of freight cars, can therefore be part of the audit teams required by Regulation (EU) No 445/2011 and Procedure DGF-PG-ECM01