Asispa Audit

From April 11 to June 4 2013 the Certification Service of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid has proceeded to perform the follow-up 2 audit of the certification of quality systems of ASOCIACIÓN SERVICIO INTEGRAL SECTORIAL PARA ANCIANOS (ASISPA) y FUNDACION ASISPA according to ISO 9001:2008 standard with the scope of:
"Design and delivery of training activities in the socio-residential healthy services for elderly and day care centers.
Home help services. Telecare "
The audit team composed of 4 auditors has been led by D. Pedro Luis Ferrer (Director of AUDICONFER S. L.)
The following strengths of the Association which has contributed to the good results of the audit:
- Control offers documentation
- System for updating and communication of legislative changes
- Planning, control and operation of residential and day centers and services for home care services and telecare
- Planning, control and operation of the design and delivery of Training Services
- Depth and deployment of internal audits performed
- Review of the System by the management and staff involvement in the System
- Applications SW management for all services and operational areas of the  organization. Most of them made by own resources
- Good results of customer satisfaction (institutional and users)
- Rigor in the preparation and monitoring of the PIA
- Knowledge of the needs of users and attention to them
- Involvement of staff and competence of the system itself
- Facilities Condition Centers
- Continuous Improvement

In the following centers:
C / Martínez Villergas, 8 (28027-Madrid)
CD NUEVA EDAD. C/ Martínez Villergas, nº 8 (28027– Madrid)

CD VIRGEN DE AFRICA.C/ César González Ruano, nº 7 (28027- Madrid)

CD EL VAL. Camino de Esgaravita, nº  30 (28805-Alcalá de Henares)

CD JAVIER  .C/ Emilia, nº 37 (28029-Madrid)

CD FRAY LUIS DE LEÓN.C/ Manresa, nº 1 (28034- Madrid)

CD PEÑA   GRANDE. C/ Isla Malaíta, S/N (28035-Madrid)

CD CARMEN LAFORET. C/ Dalia C/V Jazmín (28033-Madrid)

CD ESFINGE. C/ Esfinge, nº 35 (28022-Madrid)

CD PABLO CASALS. C/ Pobladura del Valle C/V Amposta (28037-Madrid)

CD CANAL DE PANAMÁ  .C/ Canal de Panamá, nº 8 (28027-Madrid)

CD CIUDAD PEGASO  .Avda. Quinta, nº 1 (28022-Madrid)

CD LEÑEROS  .C/ Leñeros, nº 25 (28039-Madrid)

CD PAMPLONA .C/ Pamplona, nº 8 (28039-Madrid)

CD Dr. SALGADO ALBA  .C/ Armengot, nº 2 C/V Vicenta Parra (28019-Madrid

ASISPA ll” .C/ Armas, nº 7 45517-Escalonilla (Toledo)

R. LAS AZALEAS  .C/ Bueso Pineda, nº 52 (28043-Madrid)

“R. SOTO FRESNOS” con CD integrado,Avda. España, nº 11 28791-Soto del Real (Madrid)

“R. GUADALIX DE LA SIERRA”,C/ Palenque, nº 8 28794-Guadallix de la Sierra (Madrid)

“R. JAZMÍN” con CD integrado,C/ Jazmín, nº 48 (28033-Madrid)

R. MARGARITA RETUERTO con CD integr.,C/ Francisco Altimiras, nº 2-4 (28028-Madrid)

“R. VELEZ RUBIO” con CD integr.,C/ José Miras, nº 2 04820-Velez Rubio (Almería)

Central C/  Martínez Villergas, 8

Base A. Dumas: C/ Alejandro Dumas, 1

Base Yeros: C/ Yeros, nº1

Central: Avda. de Brasil, 13, 2º- pta. 17 (28020-Madrid)

Avda. del Instituto, 16 (28500-Arganda del Rey)