Internal Audit Tamoin

During the past 13 and 14 May. Pedro L. Ferrer (Director of AUDICONFER and AEA authenticated auditor), performed an internal audit to TAMOIN Company (under the scope of aeronautical maintenance services) that performs its engine maintenance for IBERIA Madrid according to UNE-EN-9110: 2011 (includes ISO 9001:2008) with satisfactory results.
The company belongs to GRUPO TAMOIN.
TAMOIN is engaged in the industrial service sector working in areas from electromechanical assembly, review and maintenance of industrial plants to services specialized engineering development. These activities are focused on the needs of our customers with innovative solutions, best known under the standards of safety, quality, cost, environmental friendliness and social responsibility.
Over 50 years of history.
More than 1600 site technician.
Worldwide experience (Projects all over the World). 
More than 350 engineers, project managers & foremen support this company