Pedro Luis Ferrer

During my professional lifetime I have been faced with different situations in engineering, public administration, quality from corporate level to auditing. Each one of these professional experiences has been very enriching and during all of them, I have detected different needs for support from the organizations, as well as diversity in the focus to solve problems and reach objectives.

Among many aspects, I have found that in the different organizations it is difficult to find auditing teams that adequately fulfill the requirements of being objective, experienced, knowledgeable of the sector, professional, being exclusive in their tasks and independent from the areas or organizations to be audited and that also continue in time with the same audits. This not only applies to internal audits they perform but also for those that cover the different regulation sectors specific to auditors of systems certifications.

In 2008 the UNE-EN-ISO-17021 standard required that organization collaborating with Certification Entities had to exclude providing services from their activities, in order to avoid conflict of interests, not only of the auditors, but also of the organizations to which the auditors were members.


Considering the different aspects mentioned above, I decided to establish AUDICONFER, which has the purpose to perform audits, providing technical experts and expertise by means of training professionals in the techniques of auditing, and explaining how to interpret the different requirements of the corresponding reference, providing services directly (internal audits 2º part), or through cooperating prestigious Certification Entities or other organisms.

Our defined purposes are:

  • Impartiality and Independence.
  • Professional and very experienced audit Team.
  • Specialization in areas or sectors with complex requirements and need for specialized personnel (Aeronautical, Military, Railway, EMAS, etc.).
  • Value added to auditors carrying out audits professionally and in search of efficiency and continuous improvement striving for our services to be worthy of acceptance by the different organizations.

I will be very happy to attend any consultations and request you may have.

Pedro L. Ferrer