In addition to the inherent advantages that involves the introduction of an environmental management system ISO 14001, the companies that adhere to this European scheme will have the possibility of obtaining a number of benefits both external and internal.


Environmental Benefits EMAS:

  • Improvement of environmental management by reducing the environmental impacts.
  • Encouragement of eco-innovation in the production processes.

Benefits of leadership and corporate image EMAS:

  • Strengthening and improving of the corporate image.
  • Greater credibility and confidence to the interested parties, that is to say, public authorities, citizens, shareholders, employees and other customers.
  • Improvement of relations with the local community to be a public environmental statement.
  • Possibility of obtaining AENOR certificate of Environmental Management Systems, in a single integrated process.

Economic and Social Benefits EMAS:

  • Increased business in the European level.
  • Economic benefits in the medium and long-term thanks to optimization of the management of the environmental aspects.
  • New business opportunities in the markets with processes of green purchasing.
  • Promotes the participation of workers in the company's environmental management system, which provides incentives to the staff and encourages teamwork.
  • Communication of the environmental commitment and risk prevention in a strategic sector.