UNE 158000

The schemes of certification of service referred to the procedure of the family UNE 158000 for the services given in residential Centers UNE 158101, Centers of day / night UNE158201, Helps to domicile UNE 158301 and Teleassistance UNE 158401 they are conceived to regulate of homogeneous form hygienic aspects of the facilities, the equipment, the service, the information and communication of the users, the contracting of the services, the protocols of attention - sanitaros and psicosocial, the human resources and the management of the quality, to establish the bases of a system of services that generates confidence in the company.

residential Centersstandard 158000


The adoption of these procedure facilitates the fulfillment of the legislation in the matter, being of application to the organizations that carry out the presentation of these services independently of the ownership of the same ones (public or private).

une 158000